Intelectia has been built thinking capacities that add value. Now implementing technology for you will not be problem, let us contribute it, and you dedicate yourself to grow and give your customers the best service. The following shows the key features of our platform:

Available 365 days a year:

Our platform is available 365 days a year, with a availability above 99% of the time. It is not necessary that you or your IT team be responsible for maintaining operational platform, that's our job.

No Hardware or Software investment:

Intelectia does not require additional investment in hardware or software. It is Just enough to have an internet connection and a web browser. Thus maintenance costs disappear and hardware or software upgrades are part of our service and are the responsibility of us.

Seguridad y confidencialidad:

Intelectia, esta diseƱada para garantizar la seguridad de los datos y la confidencialidad. Nuestros equipos de ingenieros se esfuerzan por garantizar la seguridad de los datos, y que su informaciĆ³n corporativa no pueda ser accesada por personal no autorizado. Es nuestro compromiso.

Adaptable to your business:

Our solution is designed so it can be parameterized to manage your data and fits the needs of your business.

Adapted to the process and legislation:

We have a group of professionals who maintain our current solution, so you have an adapted platform to the internationals laws and tracks.

Automatic update process with the registration office:

Intelectia does automatic status updates by connecting to the regulator office of the country. At this manner, the data will be updated if there is a Public System of Case Management in your country. The application establish a connection to the public system and pull and link the data with yours.

Designed for the access of your partners and customers:

Now you can have a tool where employees, partners, customers and colleagues can have access to the information they need to perform operations to monitor security and data access. Give your customers access to the platform so they can get by themselves the information of their cases when they need it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Give your correspondents access to the platform so that they themselves can update the database when the information generated. Undoubtedly, these valuable features give a great contribution to your business and your customers.

Valuable query builder and reports:

Our platform has a report generator that lets you know the status of your cases; how many are, where they are, what its their legal status, upcoming events, trademarks reports and more. In addition the data export functions offer to you the opportunity to share them with whoever you want in varius formats: Microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML or PDF.

Allows to manage digital folder of paperwork, files, documents:

Intelectia lets you create a "digital folder" with the documents associated with each case or proceeding. You can associate your electronic files (jpg, doc, xls, png, tiff, gif, etc.) to each process, allowing you to reduce the costs associated with printing documents and file space also giving immediate access to them.

Be mobile:

Access your data wherever you are. Our application is accessible from most modern mobile devices and tablets.

Multi Language:

With Web 2.0 borders no longer exist. Our application has multi-language support. This way your customers, associates and foreign employees may have access to the tool in their native language.

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