Functions: Intelectia Trademarks

Here are some key features of Intelectia Trademarks. We hope we can help you with them to achieve your business objectives.

Customers Catalog

The Customer Manager allow you to register all information about customers and their occupation.

View trademarks by customer:

A simple view that will let you to know a list of the registration processes for a customer.

Trademark Registration Process:
Trademark file:

A simple interface that features all aspects of the information, recording and tracking of trademarks such as: data, documents, pictures and logos, events, follows, customer billing events, status, and real-time information from the registration office.

Events tracking

You can keep track of every event that happens to its portfolio of trademarks. The events are automatically stored in the system when they occur directly in the Registrar Database and you are notified via email.

Document Storage:

Use a digital folder and keep an electronic archive of documents associated with the trademark. Have them available whenever you need and share them.

Follow your customers:

Keep track of what happens to your client. With monitoring management feature you can keep track of contacts and exchanges (mails, phone calls) occurred with the client.

Billing Records:

Keep track of the events related to the service you provide and related honorarium, fees or billing. Get reports and statements by customer, applicant, etc.

Automatic update with registration office:

Our system connects to the database of registration offices in various countries. When a change to any of your trademark happen you will be notified and the information will be updated automatically. Receive status change notifications in your mailbox. Comfortable and Easy!

Offices which our platform currently connects for updating status automatically:

  • USPTO - United Stated Patent and Trademarks Office (EEUU)
  • DIGERPI - Dirección General del Registro de la Propiedad Industrial (PANAMA)
  • IMPI - Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Intelectual (MEXICO)
  • INDECOPI - Instituto Nacional de la Protección de la Propiedad Intelectual (PERÚ)
  • INAPI - Instituto Nacional de Propiedad Industrial (CHILE)
  • SIC - Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio (COLOMBIA)
  • SAPI - Servicio Autónomo de Propiedad Intelectual (VENEZUELA)
  • and we still keep adding more...

History of events:

Keep track of changes to cases: who, when and what has changed. Gets it simple and easy!

Creating template-based documents:

Generate Microsoft Word files (R) based on predefined templates and combine them with your data. Create your own document templates and forget doing rework documents because the system automatically fills the data fields.

Trademark Portfolio Management:
Give access to Customer to their portfolio of trademarks:

Intelectia has a web portal that will give customers the ability to check the status of the registration process or monitor. Decide what you want your clients see, and send access instructions. Everything from the web.

Trademarks Portfolio

A centralized repository for check trademarks information or registration processes to all your customers.

View my trademarks:

A Simple view where users can have access to processes to which they are associated. This way analysts, brand experts, lawyers, can only have access and work with the portfolio segment they belong.


Receive in your inbox email notifications about events that has been occurred on trademarks portfolio such as status changes or updates. Direct connection to registration office lets you receive information being generated just.

Trademarks Reports:

Get a list of its trademarks portfolio, based on the parameters required: Per customer, by status, by date, among others. Also prepare the data to share with anyone in Microsoft Excel, CSV, or PDF format. All this in an easy and simple way!

Billing Reports:

Get control of your billing events. Through billing reports you will know what are the events that generate billing, collection status, balance sheet (invoice vs cashed) by trademarks and customer.

Adaptable Parameters:

System configuration allows you to manage the parameter tables and settings yourself.

Access control:

You can decide who can access the application and what can view; either a user in your organization, a partner or a customer.

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