How it Work?

Intelectia is a Web 2.0 application that supports trademark management and legal cases, from internet, as a Cloud service.

You don't not need to buy hardware or software, or hire technology professionals to maintain operating the platform. With just a web browser (Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Ipad, Iphone), a username and password, you can access the application, register the plan that best suits your needs and start enjoying the advantages of organizing your trademarks portfolio and cases as you never could before. It works essentially using the enormous potential of the Internet using the new technologies of Cloud Computing.

To whom it is addressed?

Intelectia is directed to lawyers and those who manage and trademark portafolio and legal cases.

External consultants who manage portfolios of cases in the various legal disciplines; labor, commercial, civil, criminal or trademarks management. It is also designed for the internal control of corporations in managing their legal cases or for trademarks registrations process they have with external consultants.

Independent professionals, law firms and corporations will rule over their cases and availability from anywhere in the world where access to the Internet, there will be Intelectia to help in manage of their trademarks portfolio and legal cases.

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