User friendly software for IP management

Easy to use and powerful

Online docketing system

Work with your team and clients from anywhere

Manage trademarks, patents, sanitary registrations, conflicts and more

Intelectia allows you to:

Organize your files, receive alerts, access online.

What is Intelectia?

It is an online software for lawyers and firms that manage intellectual property files and legal matters.

Our application allows you to keep track of the registration of trademarks, patents, domains, sanitary registrations and conflicts.

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How does Intelectia work?

Our suite is available from the internet, and we offer it as a software as a service (SAAS), giving you availability, security, confidentiality and access to your files 365 days a year.

You don't need to purchase any equipment or systems, or hire technology professionals. With just a web browser or a mobile device you can access the application and start enjoying the advantages of organizing your portfolio like never before.

Who is it for?

Intelectia is intended for attorneys and legal teams who manage intellectual property files and legal matters.

It is also designed for the internal control of corporations, independent professionals and other law firms.

Our software helps them enhance their ability to have integrated control from anywhere they have Internet access.

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With Intellectia your team can:

Save time and be more productive!

Main Features

Next, we show you the main characteristics of our platform that will allow you to dedicate yourself to growing your business and giving your customers the best service:

Available anytime

You don't need additional hardware or software

Security and confidentiality

Accessible from mobile devices

Adapted to the current process and legislation

Direct and automatic connection with government offices

Online access of your team and clients

Query Builder and reports

Digital folder for files and documents

Adaptable to your business

Multiple languages

Alerts and reminders generator